Benefits of Drinking Fruit Juice

If you still hesitate to spend 10 minutes a day making a cup of juice, you will change to know the following benefits.

1. Juice helps you to consume more fruits and vegetables

This is especially true of vegetables. As you squeeze fruit and vegetable juices, you will be able to experiment with more vegetables you didn’t like to eat before. Adding your favorite spreads to the juice will help conceal the smell of vegetables you don’t like.

2. The juice gives you more energy

When you squeeze juice, you are getting the vitamins and nutrients of the fruits and vegetables. Therefore, when drinking this juice, you are providing a large amount of vitamins to help the body have more energy.

3. Juice helps you sleep better

A cup of the right juices of the right fruits and vegetables can help you sleep better. Fruits like cherries, kiwis, and oranges contain melatonin, a hormone that helps the body to sleep. A study conducted by Louisiana State University found that adults who drink two cups of cherry juice per day will sleep 90 minutes more in the evening.

4. Juice helps you concentrate better

A cup of green juice can keep you awake and energized, thus helping you to focus better.

5. Juice helps you live longer

Drinking fresh juices on a regular basis is essential to keeping your health steady. Fruits and vegetables are natural medicinals. Consuming them regularly will help stabilize blood pressure and blood sugar, and may even prevent cancer.

6. The juice helps you to detox

If you eat something unhealthy, fruit juice can help. One cup of juice is the perfect way to get rid of toxins from the body, replacing it with important nutrients, and helping you feel more refreshed.

7. The juice helps to fight dehydration

If you drink fruit juice regularly, you can keep your body hydrated because fruits and vegetables are very high in water.

8. Juice helps you lose weight

Need to lose a few kilograms of excess weight? Fruit juice can definitely help you with that. Juice helps curb cravings and is certainly healthier than junk food. Not to mention, the juice also helps you digest better making weight loss more effective.

9. The juice helps your digestive system

If you suffer from indigestion problems, a glass of vegetable juice will be a good solution for your condition.

Top 11 fruit juice effective skin beauty

Tomato juice

The delicious and cool tomato juice is rich in vitamin A and healthy minerals , helping you fight cancer and increase your resistance. Besides, drinking tomato juice every day also helps your skin to be healthy and rosy.

Orange juice

The vitamin C content in oranges helps you lose weight, possesses a slim physique, in addition to helping your skin to always be young and full of vitality . So why not enjoy orange juice every day for good health and beautiful skin.

Aloe juice

Apples are a fruit that stimulates the taste buds and helps you taste better. In addition, apples contain high levels of vitamin C and fiber to promote blood circulation, prevent the formation of spots, freckles effectively help smooth skin .

Mango juice

Mango contains many healthy nutrients, especially good for the heart, helping to reduce cholesterol in the blood, promoting good blood circulation. Drinking mango juice also helps you increase the skin’s resistance, owning a healthy skin to avoid negative impacts from the environment such as dust and sunlight.

Papaya juice

Papaya has a very high content of vitamin C and vitamin A that is very good for the stomach and effective against aging . Keep yourself young and healthy by drinking papaya juice every day.

Pineapple juice gums :

Not only rich in antioxidant vitamin C and slowing down the aging process, pineapple also has effective skin nourishing effects thanks to the abundant content of alpha hydroxyl acid – an important ingredient in anti-wrinkle creams, helping to exfoliate. dead skin cells and contributes to the regeneration of new skin cells.

Cucumber juice:

The vitamins and  amino acids present in cucumber are especially effective in helping to whiten, tighten pores , support acne and protect the skin from the effects of UV rays. beautiful skin juice

Net juice:

Cantaloup is low in calories , low in sugar, but full of nutrients such as vitamins and minerals necessary for the body. Zeaxanthin in cantaloupe also protects the skin from UV rays . Therefore, adding cantaloupe to the list of weight loss foods is a smart and beautiful choice for skin.

Guava juice:

The astringent of guava will balance skin texture and tighten scratched areas , helping to improve skin structure and prevent skin diseases. Additionally, guava is rich in vitamin A, B vitamins, vitamin C and potassium, which act as antioxidants to keep skin healthy and reduce wrinkles.

Carrot juice

Carrot juice is more effective than any other anti-wrinkle cream  on the market and less expensive. The vitamin A found in carrot juice protects the skin from sun damage and antioxidants that slow down the aging of cells.