5 Hand Care Ways to Rejuvenate Your Hands

Our hands are exposed to the environment every day. Under the impact of many different factors, if not cared for properly, hands will quickly become victims of skin aging.

If not carefully protected, hand skin will age faster than facial skin, becoming dull, wrinkled and hardened. With those hands you will look older than your real age. However, you can still retain the youthfulness of your hands by learning to take care of your hands right now.

Freckles on Fillmore will give you some basic tips and principles to help you keep your hands soft and smooth.


Heavy contact with soap will make hands lose their inherent moisture, gradually becoming dry and peeling phenomenon occurs. Here is a rule you should grasp to avoid cracked hands when “touching” soap for a long time:

Do not use antibacterial soap unless absolutely necessary. Triclosan in antibacterial soaps with antibacterial properties has many negative effects on skin and health. When exposed, triclosan causes allergies or will lead to dermatitis for sensitive people, and reduce irritation and shrink joints of the bones. Ideally, you should use a hand sanitizer with a warming function with ingredients extracted from jojoba, oliv or aloe oil.

– Wash your hands with warm water, do not use too hot water, it will lose the natural protective layer of the skin.

– Avoid using hand dryers. Instead, use a handkerchief or tissue.

5 Hand Care Ways to Rejuvenate Your Hands2


Your hands are always under pressure under the influence of foreign factors from changing ambient temperature to chemical types and air (dry, wet). Wearing gloves is the way to care for the skin of your hands against these sources of danger:

– Use leather or fur gloves or mittens to keep hands warm in cold weather.

– When doing housework, washing dishes or cleaning, always remember to bring a pair of rubber gloves, it helps your hands to avoid corrosion of caustic soda (found in detergents), keep your hands dry drain and maintain moisture.

– Use cloth gloves for gardening to avoid scratches, tearing hands.


Hand lotion is just as important as shower gel or shampoo. So you should consider when choosing the right cream for your skin type as well as ensuring the necessary moisturizing functions.

Use the lotion at least twice a day (morning and night). If you are dry skin type, you should place moisturizer by the hand sink and apply it immediately after washing your hands. More effective or if you want to speed up your dry hands, apply lotion evenly, put on a pair of thin cotton gloves, stay the same and go to sleep.

– Don’t forget your nails, it needs moisture too. Rub a little bit of lotion on your nails while using vitamin E cream for cuticles around the nails.

– Not only external care, skin also needs to supply water from within. So, please drink enough water and avoid the body in a state of “thirst”.

Conditionally, you should own a humidifier and turn it on every time the air dries.


In addition to the creamy support, your hands also need weekly exfoliating and “masking” steps:

– The hand mask is completely homemade with ingredients you can easily find in the refrigerator. You can make a recipe mask: one avocado, one egg yolk and one tablespoon of lemon juice mix well. Then, apply on hands and hold for 20 minutes.

– For the exfoliating ingredients, you can make a mixture of olive oil and sugar, then rub lightly on your hands.

– If you are too lazy to process with cumbersome recipes, the fastest way is to use body scrubs or face masks that still ensure effective skin.

5 Hand Care Ways to Rejuvenate Your Hands2


One of the signs of age is an increase in skin pigmentation, dark spots forming on the skin, causing loss of aesthetics. The cause of this syndrome is not due to aging or liver dysfunction but due to the effects of sunlight that accumulates on the skin for a long time with age.

– To avoid those ugly dark spots, always use sunscreen on your hands when you go out

One more tip, use citrus fruits with natural whitening effects to keep skin from hyperpigmentation. One teaspoon of lemon juice, one teaspoon of milk and one teaspoon of honey is the perfect blend to whiten the skin of your hands.